This Works for Me


           The little book that can change your life!


Dedicated to all wounded veterans, women and men that served our country, did their duty for all of us.


My two basic concepts; Working muscles we don’t often use, second It’s not what we do at times but everyday that makes us who we are !


1. The advice, thinking and exercises in this book are the things that everyone can do.


2. The last health, diet and exercise book you will ever need,“it’s that basic” driven by

    logic, their is nothing else to buy or join.

  1. 3.Two original poems by the author, sound guidance given to the parents or care 

    givers of our children about food.   


4. Charts on the Calories in over 230 foods.  Chart on the Calories burned in 28  

    activities in 3 categories. Charts on BMI and body shapes etc. or body mass index.

  1. 5.Exercises, 28 different ones to change your body, plus thoughtful & good advice

    about walking, movements, and Inspirational thoughts about our health.

  "Thank You"  for purchasing my book !



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PLEASE VISIT   our main web-site. It tell of a book coming soon about the authors life. Vi-Dan USA (For the People) The book.

It’s not what we eat but how much that counts most of all.

Understanding and excepting; When is enough - enough !

This is good advice concerning all things to have a healthy and a happy life.